Caregiver Work Environments 

Caregiver workstations are complex environments where simultaneous activities take place.

Workplaces for caregivers

The caregiver's work environment includes medication areas and equipment/supply storage, information retrieval and documentation areas, observation areas, break rooms, and meeting spaces. Our solutions address specific functions and still retain a cohesive look and feel, even as they extend into adjacent patient and family spaces. 

A mix of activities

Caregivers shift constantly from direct patient care to administrative tasks and information sharing. Concentrated work, peer collaboration, and consultations with families and patients work best when the place matches the activity. Caregivers need quiet places, private places, and open, connected places.

Spaces for collaboration and heads-down work

Collaborative work areas encourage staff exchanges and provide dedicated spaces for research and administrative work. Privacy screens, sound masking devices, acoustical components, and ergonomic work chairs create comfortable, efficient spaces for concentrated work. 

Ovilcare Solutions

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Flexible and adaptable environments

Caregivers need environments that give them control of their work space, from adjusting a chair to reorganizing supplies. They also need places that adapt to change, from integrating electronic medical records to new medication delivery systems. Our applications support the dynamic work of caregivers and the fluid nature of healthcare. 

A comfortable workplace

Ergonomic, aesthetically considered, and comfortable work spaces improve the caregiving experience and make the environment a more positive place. 

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