Materials Management 

Mobile, high-density storage puts supplies in the best location and allows them to be accessed easily.

Resourceful approach

The supplies, services, and labor required to manage medical/surgical and patient care materials can amount to nearly half of a hospital's total operating budget. It makes sense to continually improve processes and reduce the waste of excess dollars, time, and inventory.

A flexible system

From the warehouse to the patient's room, our storage and transport products provide an efficient, systematic way to handle supplies. Our products feature modular and interchangeable components. That spells flexibility and savings in cost—and in the number of times supplies must be handled.

Ovilcare Solutions

store location

Partners in improving processes

Our clinical strategists can help you design systems for organizing and tracking supplies from storage to point of use.

Complete line-up

Ergonomic, aesthetically considered, and comfortable work spaces improve the caregiving experience and make the environment a more positive place. 

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