Gymnic Movin’ Step Balance Trainer

Gymnic Movin’ Step Balance Trainer


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Gymnic Movin’ Step Balance Trainer

A proper workout combines balance exercises with cardio and strength training, no matter if it's for therapy or overall fitness development. Combining all of these aspects of exercise in a single product helps you get the most from your workout, both for recovery and fitness.

The Gymnic Movin’ Step Balance Trainer is a unique balance trainer that combines a dynamic base with an air step, giving you a comprehensive workout. This helps you to easily develop balance, strength and cardio to best achieve your goals.

Key Features

  • Combines dynamic base with air step for balance and cardio exercises
  • Unique design great for fitness, rehabilitation and therapy use
  • Simple valve makes changing modes easy for streamlined workouts
  • Easy to make fine adjustments for better control over trainer

Combines Dynamic Base and Air Step

To give you a comprehensive workout every time, the Movin' Step trainer combines a dynamic base with an air step. The dynamic base makes it easy for you to train and develop your balance and coordination, and the air step is ideal for cardiovascular exercises and strength endurance exercise. This unique design enables you to train your body in different ways for a better fitness result no matter your needs.

Easy to Use

Alongside providing a great workout, the balance trainer is also incredibly easy to use. A simple valve enables you to change between dynamic base and air step modes, making it easy for you to change your exercises with minimal disruption to your workout flow. The valve can also be set to an intermediate position for even finer control over the Movin' Step trainer.

What's more, a 12 page brochure of exercises you can do with the trainer is also included. This helps you get to grips with it right away, enabling you to start exercising right out of the box.

Highly Versatile

The highly versatile design of the Movin' Step makes it ideal for a range of uses. As well as being great for helping you develop your overall fitness, it's also great for therapy and rehabilitation use, helping you to develop your balance and coordination after injury or surgery to encourage better recovery.


  • Height: 7cm
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 35cm

The weight of the Gymnic Movin’ Step Balance Trainer is 1.5kg.