Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System

Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System


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Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System

The Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System has been developed by Neurotech as a unique treatment to effectively manage lower back pain, prevent muscle wastage and aid in lower back and abdominal muscle rehabilitation.

Through electrodes worn on comfortable, low profile back and abdominal garments, the Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System offers neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) for muscle strengthening and rehabilitation and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief.

Muscle Rehabilitation Explained:

Lower back pain can be very limiting, making even simple tasks or movements difficult. Limited function can cause your lower back and abdominal muscles to be underused and to weaken. Weakened muscles can decrease your core stability, create problems in performing certain tasks, or worsen the risk of recurring pain. Strengthening these muscles is an important step in your rehabilitation.

The Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System uses gentle electrical stimulation to activate and strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles, helping you to move from pain management to recovery following a pain episode, surgery or injury to the lower back.

TENS Explained:

TENS is a clinically proven, safe and effective method of providing pain relief. The Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System allows you to manage lower back pain, with targeted TENS treatment blocking pain signals to the brain and/or encouraging increased release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

Key Benefits of the Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System:

  • Provides an effective, drug free therapy for pain relief of acute and chronic back pain;
  • Increases muscle strength and stability in the lower back and abdominal regions to prevent recurring pain episodes; 
  • Provides an easy to use, home based therapy that complements your rehabilitation program;
  • Helps you to return to normal activities as soon as possible and improve your quality of life;

Your Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System will contain:

  • Controller and charger
  • Lower back garment
  • Lower back garment electrodes
  • Abdominal garment
  • Abdominal garment electrodes
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Guide