Medical Supplies Procurement

Ovilcare is a leading International company in the supply of Medical and Healthcare equipment. Based in the UK, Ovilcare is well placed to serve you for your complete supply requirements.

Healthcare Customers

With the pressures of today's healthcare environment, it's important to have an ally that can help you stay focused on providing quality care. At Ovilcare, we work to understand your daily challenges so that, together, we can develop a plan to address your business needs.

Medical Supplies Procurement

With our specialists’ knowledge of products we can offer a total solution for supplying our customers with their complete requirements. We provide expert advice, products meeting the required specifications and on-time delivery. Customers throughout the world include Hospitals, Universities, Aid agencies, Schools, Private Clinics, and Care Homes.

Serving Health Projects

With our Global expertise, we specialise in turnkey projects equipping Hospitals, and Emergency Aid Contracts. Our management and technical teams have considerable experience in hospital projects, offering cost effective proposals.

Ovilcare offers:

  • Project Planning
  • Procurement
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Inventory Preparation
  • Testing
  • Technical Training
  • Project Management
  • After Sales Service
  • Room Data Sheets
  • Maintenance

Such a diverse range of commercial and technical activities requires specialist expertise... and Ovilcare has both the know-how and the right people.

Medical Equipment Special Projects

Ovilcare has considerable expertise in exporting medical supplies, and our international team are on hand to take your orders, arrange efficient delivery and ensure you receive a seamless service every step of the way. We are experts in providing complete packages.

Emergency Supplies

Contracts have included medical and pharmaceutical items, generators, water purifiers, healthcare professional clothing, trauma and mass casualty kits.

Training of Medical Personnel

Your new examination and treatment rooms are ready; equipment just needs to be switched on. To ensure optimum performance, Ovilcare offers these support services:


Our specialist will explain the operation and applications, demonstrate, and supervise staff performance.

Service and repairs

Optimum conditions are vital for optimal test results. We provide regular service and equipment calibration to achieve this. If a defect occurs our specialists or service companies will promptly fix the problem; a replacement piece of equipment will be provided if necessary.


We serve customers around the world with quick and efficient deliveries. Ovilcare is happy to comply with specific customers’ packaging and labelling requests. In emergency situations we can deliver products anywhere globally within a 48 hour timeframe.

At Ovilcare, we understand how important it is to deliver medical products and supplies to our customers and their patients on time. That's why we're committed to investing in our distribution capabilities.

Bespoke Healthcare Project?

For all of your medical supplies procurement, please contact us.