Supply Chain


At Ovilcare we believe in being open in the way we do business, this includes doing the right thing by all of our stakeholders throughout our supply chain; operating in a fair and sustainable manner.

We approach our social, environmental and ethical (SEE) commitments in the same way we work in the rest of the business, through partnerships and attention to detail. To ensure that we continue to meet our responsibilities in these important areas we have designed and begun implementing our ethical and sustainability plan.


The brand operates by seeking to integrate the legitimate interest of profitability, 
growth, and competitiveness, with a policy based on four fundamental pillars.

Commitment to our employees.
Commitment to our suppliers.
Commitment to society.
Commitment to respecting the environment.

Ovilcare, from its stance as a rapidly expanding international medical supply company, believes that it is increasingly important to take responsibility for all their actions in Europe as well as worldwide.
Therefore, we strongly enforce our code of conduct to all of our manufacturers, suppliers, and other entities that collaborate in the production of ovilcare products. These principles, that are always in accordance with the guidelines and regulation of the local laws, ensures decent labour conditions for workers and the commitment to protecting the environment.