3M Tegadermª +Pad 9 cm x 25 cm x Pack of 25

3M Tegadermª +Pad 9 cm x 25 cm x Pack of 25


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3M Tegadermª +Pad 9 cm x 25 cm x Pack of 25

Tegaderm +Pad can help protect patients and reduce the risk of infection with its three advanced features. The dressing has a waterproof film which serves as a bacteria barrier whilst being air and water permeable which allows the skin to function normally. It acts as a bacterial and viral barrier whilst preventing leakage. The dressing conforms to the body's contours and the frame delivery system ensures accurate placement and easy application.

This composite dressing is a sterile, waterproof bacterial barrier which consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a larger thin film transparent dressing.

Tegaderm +Pad transparent dressings, with the unique "picture frame" delivery system, make it quick and easy to achieve a precise, secure placement of the dressing every time.

In vitro testing shows that the transparent film of Tegaderm, Tegaderm HP and Tegaderm CHG dressings provides a viral barrier from viruses 27 mm in diameter or larger while the dressing remains intact without leakage.


¥ Film backing provides a waterproof and bacterial barrier
¥ Breathable, allowing oxygen in and moisture vapour out
¥ Low adherent wound pad suitable for light levels of blood or exudate
¥ Frame delivery system for easy application
¥ Convenient, all-in-one sterile dressing reduces application time.
¥ Provides moist wound environment to enhance healing and lessen pain.
¥ Unique, non-adherent pad won't stick to the wound, allowing normal wound healing processes to occur with less pain and trauma.
¥ Conformable dressing is easier to apply, and stretches with the skin to promote longer wear time.