A&D Medical Clinical Professional Scale AD-6121A
A&D Medical Clinical Professional Scale AD-6121A
A&D Medical Clinical Professional Scale AD-6121A
A&D Medical Clinical Professional Scale AD-6121A

A&D Medical Clinical Professional Scale AD-6121A


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A&D Medical Clinical Professional Scale AD-6121A


  • Class III EC Type Approved – with verification certificate
  • 100gm resolution and 150kg capacity
  • Uni-directional RS-232C communication
  • Prints results on TM-2655P with AX-KO3246 cable (not included)
  • Tare function for precise weighing
  • Supplied with AC Adapter
  • Class 1 (Accessory) Medical Device

1000g resolution and up to 150kg capacity

You can measure a patient's bodyweight upto 150kg with 100g resolution without sacrificing accuracy. Our extensive expertise with various weighing devices enables highly accurate functions in a compact unit.

Backlit display for easier view in dim conditions

You can expect easy reading of the display while you are working in dim conditions. The AD-6121A includes a back-lit LCD display making it easier to work under various conditions. (Note: Backlight operates only when the scale is powered by an AC adapter).

Very low profile (57mm height) with rugged construction

The low profile of this unit provides ease of use for patients, especially older patients, stepping onto the scale. Our long history of designing industry scales ensures the durability of this scale guaranteeing prolonged use.

Tare function for precise weighing

The AD-6121A has a tare function as standard and using this function you can omit unnecessary weight instantly to obtain the precise bodyweight.

Lightweight 3kg for greater portability

The need for greater portability of this type of scale within a facility or even at remote locations led to the development of this lightweight unit enabling easier portability to a range of different locations such as schools or offices for medical check-ups.

180 degrees display rotation for use at group medical checks

The display can be rotated by 180 degrees for your specific needs. This function is useful at group medical checks. With this function, there is no need to twist your head to read the display.

Built-in handle for easy portability

An additional advantage of this scale is a built-in handle. Its function is to help avoid potential damage while the scale is being carried from one place to another

Additional Information

These precision scales only weigh 3kg so they can be easily carried to a suitable location for patient weighing and its compact size means that it can be easily stored under a patient's bed.