CardioChek PA Blood Analyser

CardioChek PA Blood Analyser


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CardioChek PA Blood Analyser

The number 1 instrument in the UK for testing blood

  • Portable cholesterol profiling system
  • Able to evaluate total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose & ketones in various combinations
  • The World's first portable direct LDL cholesterol test.
  • Results in one to two minutes.
  • Ideal for pharmacy, surgery, occupational health and high volume health screenings
  • Accurate - CE marked / FDA cleared / CLIA waived.
  • No need to refrigerate strips
  • Point-of Care, no expensive lab analysis or follow-up consultation delay.
  • Fully automated - Simply pipette a single sample onto test strip.
  • Memory log - Stores up to 200 results - date and time stamped.

The CardioChek® PA test system is simple and convenient to use. It's the fastest, most cost-efficient and user-friendly method to accurately determine lipid values at point-of-care. In just two minutes, the CardioChek PA test system puts the specific patient data you need in hand. These attributes establish the CardioChek PA device as the standard in POC cholesterol testing


Simpler operation means less training time and fewer user errors. The CardioChek PA POC instrument is a portable, battery-operated, handheld unit that is so comfortable and intuitively easy to use, it allows you, the medical professional, to focus on something far more important - the patient.


The turn-around time with the CardioChek® PA system is less than half that of the most commonly used point-of-care (POC) cholesterol testing product, and up to two days faster than send-out testing. Just two minutes for an entire lipid profile.


Faster turn-around time in a screening environment offers the potential to double your productivity. The CardioChek PA POC instrument’s compact size and light weight make it economical to ship and store multiple units. And PTS Panels® test strips have a long shelf life and no refrigeration requirement, so there’s very little waste.

16.7 million people around the globe die from heart disease each year

This year more than 32 million people across the world will suffer a heart attack or stroke, and about 12.5 million of those incidents are fatal. Blood cholesterol levels have a lot to do with a person’s risk of getting heart disease, In fact, the higher the blood cholesterol level the greater the risk for developing heart disease. Regular tracking of cholesterol and triglycerides is important for many reasons.