Additional Sensor Mat for Rondish Wireless Bed Leaving Alarm Kit

Additional Sensor Mat for Rondish Wireless Bed Leaving Alarm Kit


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Additional Sensor Mat for Rondish Wireless Bed Leaving Alarm Kit

It can be difficult to monitor a disabled or elderly patient during the night, particularly if they are prone to wandering. It becomes harder still if you are caring for several people at once, and cannot always give everyone your full attention.

The Bed Leaving Alarm Sensor Mat Full Kit helps carers by alerting them if someone has left their bed. Able to connect with up to 99 different bed sensors, you can monitor numerous patients at once, ensuring you will always know if anyone is out of bed and at risk of harm.

You may, therefore, require an Additional Sensor Mat with your Bed Leaving Alarm Kit, for example if you are using the system in a care home. This enables you to increase your awareness to other patients, so that everyone can benefit from the security it provides.

It's important to regularly clean your sensor mats to minimise infection, and the additional mat also helps with this, allowing you to still use the system whilst the original mat is being cleaned.

How Does the Additional Bed Mat Work?
The additional mat connects to your existing Bed Leaving System, able to alert your pager should the occupant leave their bed. You simply place the sensor mat under the mattress or bed sheet of the patient. When they lay down, the monitor transmitter acknowledges detection with two beeps. Then, if the patient leaves their bed, an alarm is transmitted to your existing pager to notify you with sound and vibration signals.

How to Add an Additional Mat
You can add up to 99 mats to your system, allowing you to monitor a large amount of patients at once, perfect for use in a care home or hospital. For each Additional Sensor Mat you wish to add, you must purchase an additional Wireless Transmitter to send the signal to your pager.

Features of the Sensor Mat for Bed Leaving Alarm Kit
For use with your Bed Leaving Alarm Sensor Mat Kit
Easy to set up
Made from high quality polyvinyl
15 minute alarm delay option - allows patient to go to the toilet without triggering alarm, but will alert you if they have not returned to bed after 15 minutes
Can alternatively set device to alert you immediately
Requires an extra Rondish Wireless Transmitter for each additional mat
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxW): 77cm x 51cm/30" x 20"
Lead length: 2m
Operating range: 100m (with clear line of sight)
Material: polyvinyl