Adjustable Black Mono Flipstick Seat Walking Stick

Adjustable Black Mono Flipstick Seat Walking Stick


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Adjustable Black Mono Flipstick Seat Walking Stick

Adjustable Black Mono Flipstick Seat Walking Stick
When you often feel as though you need to have a rest while you're outside, it can be difficult to find a seat. The Adjustable Black Mono Flipstick Seat Walking Stick has a handle that can be turned into a seat, allowing you to rest wherever you are. Its easy mechanism can be operated even by those who have weak wrists.

Lightweight and Practical Seat Stick
This Adjustable Black Walking Stick is lightweight at just 540 grams, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. Its all-black design makes the support look sleek.

Convenient Seat
Designed with a dark green, plastic seat, the Mono Flipstick Seat Stick's handle can be turned into a seat extremely quickly so you get the support you need as soon as you need it. With its easily-operated mechanism, the handle can be "flipped" to a horizontal position to provide you with a convenient and comfortable seat. This makes it perfect for those who often get tired when they're on the go.

Sturdy Leg
The Mono Seat Walking Stick has been created with a single leg, making it a favourite among those who are more active and don't suffer from issues with their balance. The support's leg is made from aluminium, which is a sturdy but light material. This ensures you remain safe throughout use.

Size Guide for the Black Mono Walking Aid
With its height-adjustable design, the Black Mono Walking Stick can be altered from 87cm to 93cm (approximately 34" to 36.5"). This makes it suitable for a wide range of users. The seat height is also adjustable from 77cm to 84cm (approximately 30" to 33"), allowing you to remain comfortable throughout.

Please note that the recommended user weight limit is approximately 20 stone (130kg). This ensures the Flipstick Seat Stick can be used by a wide range of people.

Technical Specifications
Colour: Black
Seat material: Plastic
Product weight: 540g
Leg type: Mono and height adjustable
Leg material: Aluminium
Ferrule diameter: 22mm
Ferrule material: Rubber
Please note that although some of the pictures on this product show a green support, this version is black; the images simply help you see the flipstick's mechanism.