Adjustable Double Quad Board

Adjustable Double Quad Board


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Adjustable Double Quad Board

Effective recovery after surgery is incredibly important, so it's vital that proper rehabilitation can be provided. Great for use with patients recovering from knee surgery, the Adjustable Double Quad Board features a wide range of angles of adjustment to help you provide effective exercise to best aid recovery.

Key Features of the Adjustable Double Quad Board

The key features of the Adjustable Double Quad Board are:

  • Great for patients after double knee surgery to aid recovery
  • Huge range of angle options for more targeted exercises
  • Padded top for cushioning and support during use
  • Wipe-clean vinyl for easier hygiene maintenance

Ideal for Double Knee Surgery Recovery

Great for patients recovering from two knee surgeries or injuries, the quad board helps you provide an effective level of recovery aid. A huge array of angle settings help you provide targeted and tailored rehabilitation help.

Padded Wipe-Clean Top

To ensure patients are comfortable and supported during exercises, the board features a soft padded top. What's more, to ensure that hygiene can be maintained with ease the top is upholstered with wipe-clean vinyl.

Made for Ease of Use

As well as providing clinicians with a range of angle options, the quad board is also designed for ease of use. To help you more efficiently store it when not in use, it folds flat. This is vital for smaller facilities where space may be at a premium.

Dimensions of the Adjustable Double Quad Board

The dimensions of the Adjustable Double Quad Board are 51 x 73cm.