Adjustable Folding Black Anatomical Walking Stick

Adjustable Folding Black Anatomical Walking Stick


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Adjustable Folding Black Anatomical Walking Stick

Adjustable Folding Black Anatomical Walking Stick
The Adjustable Folding Black Anatomical Walking Stick combines reliability with convenience by offering a sturdy support with an adjustable height. It features an anatomical handle for improved comfort, and the stick can also be folded into a compact size for easier transportation.

The walking stick is available for both the left and the right hand. Please select your desired option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Key Features
Height adjustable between 32 - 36" for comfort
Folds into four sections for ease of transportation
Strong yet lightweight aluminium walking stick is not cumbersome to carry
Anatomical handle is comfortable to hold for improved gripping
Ferrule helps to absorb impact with the ground while improving steadiness of use
Wrist cord is included to reduce the risk of the stick falling to the ground
Made with a classy black design to match every outfit
Adjustable Height
The Folding Walking Stick offers an adjustable height of between 32" and 36". This height can be altered with the simple touch of a button and pulling up or pushing down the stick accordingly, before clicking the button securely into place.

Not only does this mean that the stick can be adjusted to a height that is comfortable for the individual, but it also enables it to suit the needs of multiple users over time, for example if it is used as a temporary mobility aid in a care environment.

Folding Design
With the ability to be folded down into four sections, the Height-Adjustable Anatomical Walking Stick can be altered from its standard vertical design to a more compact size. This will be particularly ideal for storing in luggage for when travelling, ensuring the walking stick does not need to be left behind when commuting or on holiday.

The ability to fold the stick away also makes it a great option for anybody with varying mobility needs. If a walking stick is only required at certain times, for example when taking a short walk after using a mobility scooter, the stick can be stored in a basket or similar storage facility so that gentle strolls and exercise can be taken when required.

Reliable and Comfortable to Use
The Folding Anatomical Walking Stick is constructed from strong yet lightweight aluminium, meaning it provides reliable and sturdy support to the individual without being too cumbersome to carry around. It features an anatomical handle that can be purchased to fit the right or the left hand, and this improves comfort of gripping, ideal for using the walking stick for extended periods.

The ferrule absorbs impact with the ground and helps to improve stability, and the inclusion of a wrist cord means that the stick can be hooked to the wrist at all times to prevent it from falling to the ground and thus eliminating the need to bend down to retrieve it.