Adjustable Geometric Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick

Adjustable Geometric Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick


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Adjustable Geometric Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick
The Adjustable Geometric Patterned Derby Handle Walking Stick combines reliability with convenience by offering a sturdy support with an adjustable height. It is provided in a fun and stylish design, and includes a rubber ferrule and wrist strap for improved use.

Key Features
Adjustable height of between 28.5" and 37.5" to provide comfortable use for most individuals
Strong yet lightweight aluminium walking stick is not cumbersome to carry
Wooden Derby handle is comfortable to hold for improved gripping
Ferrule helps to absorb impact with the ground while improving steadiness of use
Wrist cord is included to reduce the risk of the stick falling to the ground
Attractive geometric design on the shaft for visual appeal
Adjustable Height
The walking stick offers an adjustable height of between 28.5" and 37.5", and can be altered with the simple touch of a button and pulling up or pushing down the stick accordingly, before clicking the button securely into place. Using a stick of a suitable height for the individual is paramount for ensuring comfort, safety, and a healthier posture.

Reliable Aluminium Shaft
The shaft of the walking stick is made from aluminium. This provides a sturdy stick that will be ideal for providing reliable mobility support. The stick is also strong yet lightweight, meaning it provides reliable support to the individual without being too cumbersome to carry around.

Comfortable to Use
The walking stick features a wooden handle in a Derby style, which is comfortable to hold onto, ideal for using the walking stick for extended periods. The ferrule absorbs impact with the ground and helps to improve stability, and the inclusion of a wrist cord means that the stick can be hooked to the wrist at all times to prevent it from falling to the ground and thus eliminating the need to bend down to retrieve it.

Geometric Design
The attractive geometric design is featured on both the shaft and the handle. This adds a touch of style to the walking stick, providing an attractive design from top to toe. The visual appeal of the stick also lends itself as a great birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one, providing them with the mobility support they may require without compromise to style.