Adult child Laryngoscope LED light
Adult child Laryngoscope LED light
Adult child Laryngoscope LED light
Adult child Laryngoscope LED light
Adult child Laryngoscope LED light
Adult child Laryngoscope LED light

Adult child Laryngoscope LED light


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Adult child laryngoscope LED light titanium steel tracheal intubation laryngoscope set 4 blades

This laryngoscope is a high quality product
Strict production procedures ensure stable and high-quality features. All handles and blades are made of high-end materials and undergo strict quality control. Our company provides a full range of laryngoscope products, which can choose fiber optic LED lighting or xenon lighting, or 2.7V vacuum lighting.

        ①Using xenon lamp or LED lighting technology and the application of specially reinforced fiber optic blades to ensure ultra-high lighting intensity;
        ②Innovative Macintosh and Miller blades, to obtain a good Z field of view of the epiglottis and vocal folds, to easily achieve tracheal intubation;
        ③ Stainless steel design, with crack-resistant plastic base (green part), the service life is equivalent to metal base, economic, environmental protection, cost-effective, can be disinfected more than 4000 times at 134 ℃ high pressure.

        Each handle is carefully designed, ergonomic and comfortable to use.

       ① All blades are compatible with the handle according to 1S07376 standard.

       ② Chrome-plated metal handle, strong and durable.

       ③The sealed battery cover prevents liquid from penetrating into the battery compartment.

       ④The handle adopts a mesh design to prevent the operator from slipping due to sweat or water.

Product advantages
        Fiber optic laryngoscope is a type of ordinary laryngoscope. The difference lies in the light source of the laryngoscope. The ordinary laryngoscope light source is usually at the front of the laryngoscope and directly illuminates the throat. However, it is easy to damage. Both. The light source of the fiber optic laryngoscope is on the handle of the laryngoscope. Each laryngoscope has no less than 3,000 optical fiber harnesses to guide the optical fiber to illuminate the throat. The brightness is higher and more uniform than ordinary laryngoscopes.

 ① Reliable 2.7V vacuum lamp guarantees good illumination of the inspection area.

 ②The lens is equipped with a quick-release lamp.

 ③ Can be sterilized for five minutes at 134 ° C

 ④Surface polished stainless steel lens, the mirror surface is easy to clean.

 ⑤ Optimized lens design, easy to intubate and improve the field of vision.

 ⑥ You can choose to use the ri-charger charging base to charge the charging handle or AA and C type battery handle or use non-rechargeable batteries.

 ⑦All lenses are compatible with ISO7376 standard handles.

 ⑧Optional durable soft package, Z can be assembled with five lenses and one handle.