Physiological Auscultation Trainer

Physiological Auscultation Trainer


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Physiological Auscultation Trainer

Even these days auscultation of heart and lung sounds are anÊessential part of every medical examination. Auscultation results are often the initial indication for further diagnosis. Learning auscultation is still one of the most challenging tasks medical students have to master. With the physiological auscultation trainer we developed an easy to use and realistic product that allows auscultation of heart-, lung- and bowel sounds with a real stethoscope like in a real patient with theÊsame sound quality as in a real patient. The trainer generates heart, lung and bowel sounds and allows their identification by the student. It uses a MP3 player with real human sounds. The different sounds can be chosen on the MP3 player and are generated by a high quality speaker. The system is supplied with 30 pre-installed sound files, but the open system design allows the use of your own sound files. This allows the teacher to use his own sound files in addition to the pre-installed sounds. If there is a patient with a very interesting sound you can use an electronic stethoscope to record it and make it available to all students by putting it on the auscultation trainer. The gel pad is made of special elastical polymer material so the auscultation surface has tissue Ð equivalent characteristics. For auscultation of low frequencies a small contact pressure will be enough, higher contact pressure will allow auscultation of higher frequencies.

Supplied with:Ê

Auscultation trainer with connection cable, MP3-Player, Sound files (pre-installed).

Supplied sound files:

  • lung Sounds
  • bronchial breathing
  • bronchovesicularÊ
  • coarse crackles 1Ê
  • fine crackles 1Ê
  • fine crackles 2Ê
  • crackles - late InspiratoryÊ
  • diminished vesicularÊ
  • ronki 1
  • ronki 2Ê
  • stridorÊ
  • inspiratory stridor 1Ê
  • inspiratory stridor 2Ê
  • vesicularÊ
  • wheezing expiratory 1Ê
  • wheezing expiratory 2Ê
  • wheezing expiratory 3Ê
  • wheezing monophonÊ
  • wheezing polyphonÊ
  • deep respirationÊ
  • coughing 1Ê
  • coughing 2Ê
  • Heart Sounds
  • aortic stenosisÊ
  • mitral insufficiencyÊ
  • pulmonary valve stenosisÊ

+ Bonus CD ãCardiac AuscultationÒ by Littmann for use with a PC

  • Bowel Sounds
  • loud, gurgling rushed soundsÊ
  • peristaltic snarlingÊ
  • peristaltic gurglingÊ
  • low growlÊ
  • gurglingÊ
  • loud howl

Size: 19 x 19 x 11 cm, weight: 1.9 kg