Advanced Ultimate Compression Wrist Support with Splint

Advanced Ultimate Compression Wrist Support with Splint


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Advanced Ultimate Compression Wrist Support with Splint

The Ultimate Performance Advanced Wrist Support with Splint is a lightweight, seamless wrist support sleeve designed to provide compressive support to weak, stiff or unstable wrists.
A removable strap system with rigid aluminium stay provides additional support and compression whilst also retaining the wrist in a neutral position if required.

The removable strap system can be applied bi-laterally to suit either wrist and is self adjusting to ensure a personalised fit for the user.

The support can be worn in 3 different ways:

Base unit only (mild support)
Base unit with trap system only (mid support)
Base unit with aluminium stay inserted in the strap system (advanced support)


3 Levels of support dependent on how it is worn
Seamless design
Latest edge trim technology helps prevent slippage and reduces wear
Adjustable for perfect fit
SIZING - measure around wrist

Small (13 - 15cm)
Medium (15 - 17cm)
Large (17 - 19cm)
XL (19 - 21cm)
WEAR INSTRUCTIONS: remove Advanced Straps, temporarily secure loosely to the stay pocket. Place hand in sleeve and ensure velcro runs straight down the palm. Place stay on the palm, thin strap uppermost. Wrap lower, wide Advanced Strap around wrist and adjust tension to desired level. Wrap upper strap between thumb and forefinger around the hand (secure to palm velcro square) and finally secure with desired tension.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Allow to air dry - DO NOT use heat.

CONTENTS: 30% Nylon, 26% Aluminium, 22% Spandex, 14% Neoprene and 8% Polyester