Air Power Supply for the Airpal Platform

Air Power Supply for the Airpal Platform


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Air Power Supply for the Airpal Platform

Over 25 years ago AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. was the first to offer an air assisted lateral transfer and positioning device to the Healthcare Industry. The AirPal Platform has an underside that is perforated for air release.

When connected to the Air-Pal Air Supply a constant flow of high volume low pressure air causes the Platform to inflate a semi-rigid surface for patient transfers or positioning. As air escapes out the perforations, a frictionless surface, literally a “cushion” of air, is formed upon which the patient is moved almost effortlessly.

The AirPal Air Supply has been tested to comply with the latest UL Standard (60601 -1)for Electrical Medical Devices. To comply with the UL Standard the AirPal Air Supply was tested while connected to an AirPal Platform with a simulated patient weight of 1200lbs.

In addition to the UL Certification, the AirPal Air Supply is also certified to CSA (601.1), and carries the CE Mark. The certifications ensure easy internal approvals for use in clinical environments.

The AirPal Air Supply is lightweight, compact and portable. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the AirPal Stand (AirPal’s mobility and storage solution). When used independent of the AirPal Stand -the AirPal Air Supply can be hung from the side of the bed or stretcher the patient has been transferred to, via the integrated hook. In this way the AirPal Air Supply can travel with the patient without the need to bring along an extra piece of equipment.

Specifications of the Air Power Supply for the Airpal Platform:


Air Supply (Height and Diameter): H-11” X D-9”

Power Cord (Length):15ft.

Air Supply Hose (Length and Diameter): L-6ft. X D-1.75in.


Filter Canister: Non Corrosive 304 Stainless Steel Alloy

Motor Enclosure: High Impact Molded Plastic

Air Supply Hose: Helix Reinforced PVC


Power: 220/240V 1200W

Switch:On/Off Green LED Power Indicator

Certifications: UL 60601-1, CSA 601.1, CE Mark

Power Cord: 16 AWG, 105° C, 300V, UL E67474, CSA LL39965

Plug: Hospital Grade Grounded 3 Prong, CSA 5-15P


Filter: 2 Micron, Sock Type, Tension Mounted, Reusable

Air Flow: Approximately 3 psi/80 cfm

Inflation/Deflation:Approximately 5 sec./10 sec. (Depends on Volume Capacity of Connected AirPalPlatform)

User’s Manual: Laminated AirPal Patient Transfer System

User’s Manual Attached to Air Supply Handle


Air Supply: 8.2lbs.

Air Supply w/Cord: 9.6lbs.