AirPal Transfer System - AirPal Patient Positioning Pad 18" (460mm)

AirPal Transfer System - AirPal Patient Positioning Pad 18" (460mm)


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AirPal Transfer System - AirPal Patient Positioning Pad 18" (460mm)

Over 25 years ago AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. was the first to offer an air-assisted lateral transfer and positioning device to the Healthcare Industry. Since then, we have refined and improved the technology. Today, the AirPal Platform leads the market with its patented features, quality of design, and value.

The risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are by any measure a terrible burden faced by caregivers working in the Healthcare Industry. The impacts are far reaching, not only to the caregiver, but in rising costs to the Provider through Worker‟s Compensation, lost work days, and dwindling staff resources.

The AirPal Platform tremendously reduces the threat of injury to patients and staff alike. Similar in concept to a hovercraft, the AirPal Platform laterally trans-fers patients utilizing the friction reducing effect of a cushion of air as it escapes beneath the AirPal Platform . The AirPal Platform has become an industry rec-ognized "Best Practice" as well as a facet of any "Safe Patient Handling Pro-gram."

Most unique about the AirPal Platform are the documented cost reductions en-joyed by Healthcare Providers once the solution is implemented. Worker‟s Com-pensation costs are on average reduced by half or more. Use of the AirPal Plat-form solution can also pay for itself through the reduction of many indirect costs– employee retention and recruitment is often cited by Healthcare Providers.


Features of the AirPal Transfer System - AirPal Patient Positioning Pad

  • Reduces Sustained and Peak Forces Required for Lateral Patient Transfer and Positioning - Compliant with "Safe Patient Handling" Programs and Policies.
  • Patented Extended Ergonomic Han-dles Protect Caregivers From Injury
  • Patented Extended Length Sani-Liner - Included with Every AirPal Platform
  • Exclusive Stabilization Bands Provide Enhanced Patient Stability Even if Off-Centered
  • Rapid in-service training
  • The Strongest Most Durable Design Offered from AirPal-PTS, Inc.

Results of the AirPal Transfer System - AirPal Patient Positioning Pad

  • Dramatic Reduction in Staff Injuries (MSDs) Related to Lateral Patient Transfers and Positioning
  • Included Extended Length Sani-Liners Offer Best Infection Control Available
  • Requires Less Staff for Transfers than Traditional Drawsheet or Transfer Board
  • Increased Patient Comfort and Re-duced Patient Anxiety with Transfers
  • Strong Durable Design Provides for Exceptional Service Life of Over Five Years

The AirPal Patient Positioning Pad is available in a range of different sizes to suit your requirements. Please select your required option from the drop-down menu above.

Extended Handles and Liners are colour coded depending upon Platform Width. Image shows Blue handles and webbing for 32" units

Black: 18” & 26”

Yellow: 28”

Blue: 32”

Grey: 39”

Orange: 50”