Ankle Arc Plus Under 79kg

Ankle Arc Plus Under 79kg


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Ankle Arc Plus Under 79kg

People recovering from injury to or procedures done on the joints need to be able to exercise at home in order to aid as speedy a recovery and rehabilitation as possible. Any exercise solution provided must be easy to use, safe, and space-saving.

The Ankle Arc Plus is a comprehensive rehabilitation device designed to be taken home for exercise follow-up. It is ideal for all stages of ankle, knee, and shoulder rehabilitation, and is also superb for helping recover from sprains, ACL reconstruction, total hip replacement, and scapular dyskinesis.

Benefits of the Ankle Arc Plus

Made from cross-linked polyethylene foam, the Ankle Arc Plus is extremely durable and robust for prolonged use. Its unique shape enables triplanar motion, allowing for training to accommodate even and uneven surfaces. Consequently, the user can perform exercises in supine, seated, or standing positions.

This piece of equipment provides an excellent closed-chain regimen which can help improve range of motion, strength, balance, core stabilisation and proprioceptive awareness.

Features of the Ankle Arc Plus

  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam construction ensures high durability for prolonged use
  • Unique shape enables triplanar movement for adaptation and flexibility to allow for most exercises
  • Compact size allows for essential home-based exercise follow-up
  • Supplied with easy-to-follow exercise sheet for therapist to customise programme for patient
  • Flat side length: 34cm (13”)
  • Available in versions for people above or below 79kg

The Ankle Arc Plus is available in two versions for people either above or below 79kg in weight. Please make sure to select the correct model to meet your needs.