Ansell34-755 Duratouch Gloves Size 7.5 (BOX-100)

Ansell34-755 Duratouch Gloves Size 7.5 (BOX-100)


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A stronger, economical alternative to household rubber gloves. Recommended for applications that have food contact, cleaning of plant and machines, sample taking and processing and transferring liquids and solids.

Features and Benefits:
• Reduces costs for hand/product protection wherever changeover rate is high
• No seams to leak or split and liquid proof, with no point of weakness
• Comfortable to wear and easy to put on and remove without tearing
• Gloves contain no talcum powder which might contaminate products
• More economical and convenient due to being ambidextrous

Typical Applications:
-Food processing
-Life sciences
-Agriculture & viticulture
-Chemical handling
-Painting, coating & cleaning