Ash Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4' 6)

Ash Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4' 6)


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Ash Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4' 6)

Ash Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4' 6")
The Ash Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick (4' 6") is a robust crook stick suitable both for farmers and as a walking aid. The crook handle is ideal for gathering livestock, and the robust ash construction and metal ferrule provide effective mobility support.

Ash Wood Construction
The Crook Walking Stick has been constructed from ash. Ash wood is very strong and reliable, allowing it to effectively support the user while walking or standing. Ash is also a wood with good elasticity, providing the stick with improved comfort of use without decreasing its reliability.

The walking stick has an approximate height of 4' 6" (138cm). This makes it a comfortable height for most individuals.

Crook Handle
The crook handle is comfortable to hold onto, with a smooth curved shape around which the palm of the hand can be comfortably clasped. This crook handle also makes the walking stick easier to store by enabling it to be hooked over a convenient location. This can also reduce the risk of the stick falling to the ground, thus reducing any need to bend down to retrieve it.

Ideal as a Walking Aid
Combining a strong and sturdy construction with a metal ferrule at the base, the Shepherd's Crook Walking Stick is ideal as a walking aid. The reliable stick can provide mobility support for individuals who would benefit from help with steadiness while walking.

The metal ferrule also helps to protect the stick, both making it more safe to use and increasing the longevity of the wooden stick. It helps to protect the base of the stick from any knocks whenever it strikes the ground, ensuring that the ash wood stick does not need to come into direct contract with solid terrains.

Great for Farmers
The crook handle is a natural choice for farmers when gathering stock. The curved handle can easily be hooked around the neck of an animal, such as a sheep, to herd them in the right direction. When not used for gathering animals, it can also provide farmers with mobility support when crossing muddy or uneven grounds.