Aurorra Quick-Dry Adult Apron

Aurorra Quick-Dry Adult Apron


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Aurorra Quick-Dry Adult Apron

The Aurorra Quick-Dry Adult Apron is made from highly durable materials for durable protection. The generously sized apron provides optimal coverage to protect clothing, while the stain-resistant design prevents the apron from becoming marked.

Who Can Use the Quick-Dry Apron?
The Quick-Dry Apron is designed for use by adults wishing to protect their clothing from dirt and liquid. It can be used while working or cleaning, and is also suitable for adults who may be prone to spilling food and drink at mealtimes.

How Protective Is the Aurorra Quick-Dry Apron?
The Aurorra Quick-Dry Apron provides good coverage to protect clothing. It also provides effective protection against liquids, preventing spillages from seeping through the apron onto clothing.

How Big Is the Aurorra Adult Apron?
The Aurorra Adult Apron is oversized in design to provide optimal protection for clothes. It measures 18" x 36", making it an ideal choice for most adults.

Which Patterns Are Available?
The Aurorra Quick-Dry Adult Apron is available in a selection of pattern: Blue, ItalFashion, and Blue Stuart. Please select your required option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

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