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Balance Bubble


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Balance Bubble

Some rehabilitation patients, such as older adults, may find regular rehabilitation exercises put a little too much strain on the body. This can be counter-productive, not just physically, but emotionally and psychosomatically as well. It is of the utmost importance to find equipment and exercises that can ease patients along gently, without sacrificing effectiveness.

The Balance Bubble is a superb choice for this kind of activity. It can improve posture, stability, balance, and proprioception in older patients, while also aiding in rehabilitation of lower extremities, as well as athletic training. It also promotes improvement in sensorimotor skills, core strength and stability, ankle flexibility, and range of motion.

Benefits of the Balance Bubble

The Balance Bubble is of a simple construction, comprised primarily of a vinyl cushion with a smooth surface on one side, and rounded points for tactile stimulation on the other. It supports up to 454kg (1000lbs), making it suitable for most users.

Please note that the colour of the Balance Bubble may vary.

  • Flexible, comfortable vinyl construction
  • Rounded points for tactile stimulation on one side
  • Diameter: 36cm (14”)
  • Weight capacity: 454kg (1000lbs)
  • Latex-free composition reduces chance allergic reaction