Balance Disc Wobble Board

Balance Disc Wobble Board


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Balance Disc Wobble Board

Balance and coordination are vital for both fitness and rehabilitation, so it's important that you can develop these key skills in a safe and effective way. The Balance Disc Wobble Board is a strong and lightweight wobble board, designed to make balance development easy and effective.

Key Features

  • Curved base helps develop balance and coordination
  • Strengthens back and spine to help improve posture
  • Strong construction ideal for repeat, long-term use
  • Lightweight construction great for portability
  • Anti-slip surface helps ensure safe use

Develop Balance and Coordination

The wobble board features a curved base, providing an unstable surface to stand on. This helps you develop balance and coordination by shifting your weight, helping you better maintain and understand your centre of balance. What's more, the Balance Disk is also great for helping you develop your posture, strengthening your back and spine.

Strong and Safe Construction

To help you develop and maintain balance and coordination over time, the board is designed to be as strong as possible. Despite this, it's also incredibly lightweight for easy transport and storage. 

As well as being strong and lightweight, the board is also designed for safe use. A non-slip textured top helps ensure that feet stay secure to the board while in use, preventing you from sliding off accidentally and reducing the risk of injury.


  • Diameter: 40cm
  • Height: 9cm

The Balance Disc Wobble Board is suitable for users up to 120kg (18.75 stone) in weight.