Bedside Fall-Out Mat

Bedside Fall-Out Mat


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Bedside Fall-Out Mat

The Bedside Fall-Out Mat is designed to be placed beside a low-level bed to protect patients at risk of falling out of the bed. The foam-filled mat is ideal for care environments where patients may be at risk of injuring themselves at night.

How Does the Bedside Mat Help Protect Patients?
When used alongside a low-level bed, the foam-filled fall-out mat provides enough cushioning to protect a patient from serious injury should they fall out of the bed. This is particularly useful in care environments where patients may be prone to falling out of bed but where beds with side rails are not practical.

How Big Is the Fall-Out Mat?
It's important to ensure that the bedside mat you choose is long enough to fit the length of the bed, particularly if the user is likely to move around a lot at night. The Fall-Out Mat measures 60 x 190 x 7cm, making it ideal for beds with a length of around 190cm.

The 60cm width provides an adequate surface that will be protective enough for most individuals. The 7cm thickness of the foam provides enough cushioning to generally prevent any serious injuries for the average user.

How Practical is the Fall-Out Mat?
The foam-filled mat can be folded and easily stored away when not in use. It also features durable carry straps to enable easy transportation between rooms.

Can I Wash the Fall-Out Mat?
The Fall-Out Mat can be wiped clean. This helps to keep it hygienic whether it's used or not.

Technical Specifications
Protector Size: 60 x 790 x 7cm
Protector Materials: PVC
Flame retardant to British Standard BS 7177