Beurer MG295 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover

Beurer MG295 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover


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Beurer MG295 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover

You don't have to waste time and money to rejuvenate your body with a professional massage. In fact, you don't even have to leave your home. The Beurer MG295 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover is designed to fit practically any seat, including your car seat, and spoil your back and neck with a comfortable and soothing shiatsu massage that can help you unwind anywhere.

Key Features of the Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover
Penetrating 3D back massage, spot and shiatsu neck massage
Select clockwise or anticlockwise massage direction
Features four heads for complete relaxation
Comes with a switchable light and heating function
Ergonomically designed bucket seat to keep you comfortable
Has a removable seat cushion and washable covers
Handy hook enables convenient storage in cupboards
Easy operation with manual control switch
Three massage areas: upper, lower, full back
Two massage speeds and automatic switch-off after 15 minutes
Solid back cover and flexible holding straps
Surface made from synthetic leather, soft velours and breathable mesh
Available in two attractive colours: Black and Cream
Relax Your Neck with Shiatsu Massage
Due to our hectic schedule that often results in stress and overworked muscles, shiatsu is currently one of the most popular types of massage. With four rotating heads, the Beurer Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover perfectly imitates the natural finger movements that help you comfort those tight neck muscles and restore a natural balance to your system.

Rejuvenate Your Spine with a 3D Massage
When you need more than just a neck rub to make you feel well-rested once again, a penetrating 3D back massage might be more to your liking. This Beurer Massage Cover is also designed for a deep, full-back massage that rejuvenates the tight muscles along the spine.

Focus on Your Problem Area with Spot Massage
A spot massage has all the benefits of a shiatsu massage, but focuses on a specific problem area. With this form of massage, you alone can determine the precise application point of the massage with a simple press of a button.

What Effect Can This Have on My Body?
Relaxing, deep-tissue massage, especially when combined with penetrating heat, is known to do wonders with improving circulation. Better blood flow has numerous positive effects on the body, including providing pain relief for a variety of conditions, such as Raynaud's disease and arthritis, as well as easing the pain from stiff joints and tired muscles.

Technical Specifications
Power in Watt: Approx. 60W
Back Dimensions: 46 x 82cm
Seat Dimensions: 44 x 38cm
Massage Heads: 4