Beurer MK500 Maremed Special Sea Salt

Beurer MK500 Maremed Special Sea Salt


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Beurer MK500 Maramed Special Sea Salt

The Beurer MK500 Maramed Special Sea Salt is made for use with the Beurer Maramed MK500 Sea-Air Simulator. It includes a measuring jug to improve dosing.

What Is Included?

  • 1 x Bottle of special sea salt (1250g)
  • 1 x Measuring jug

How Does the Sea-Air Simulator Work?

  1. The Water tank is filled with the special sea salt and water
  2. The fan draws in air and integrated filters remove dirt particles, pollen, dust and hair
  3. The UVC lamp removes 99% of bacteria from water and air
  4. The air is then enriched with water minerals by a water evaporator block
  5. Further ionisation and cleaning occurs before air is returned to the environment

What Is Nebulisation?

Nebulisation means to convert a liquid into a fine spray, usually in the case of administering a medication. The Maremed simulator nebulises sea salt, so you can gain the respiratory benefits. 

Why Filter the Air in Your Environment?

Filtering the air you breathe reduces allergy symptoms, allows for easier breathing and removes unwanted chemicals like formaldehyde from the air. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women, newborns and those suffering from lung or breathing difficulties.