Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000

Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000


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Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000

The Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000 is an automatic bidet that is designed to offer a catered experience for the user, providing a washing, cleaning and drying service for anyone, including those with mobility problems. Designed to offer a return to independence or a pleasant bathroom experience, this highly developed design offers a catered remote control performance that features feminine, posterior, turbo, massage and oscillation wash options.

What's in the Box?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x T-Valve and Washer
  • 2 x Cone Packing
  • 2 x Nuts
  • 2 x Bolt Guides
  • 1 x Hose to Bidet Water Tube
  • 1 x Hose to Fill Valve Tube
  • 1 x Spare 3/8" Nut
  • 2 x Morning Bolts
  • 1 x Catch Plate
  • 1 x Deodoriser Filter Cartridge
  • 1 x Operation Guide
  • 1 x User Operating Manual

Who Is the Bio Bidet Supreme For?

This Japanese toilet can help those with mobility problems regain independence. This self-cleaning, automatic or remote control bidet automatically washes, cleans and dries the user, with further options for a water wash and blow dry.

While the Bio Bidet is ideal for users who require a little help to regain independence, the state-of-the-art features on the BB 1000 make it perfect for the whole family. We would recommend the Bio Bidet in the following situations:

  • Users with mobility issues
  • Users who have paraplegia
  • Users with motor neurone disease
  • Users with progressive illnesses
  • Users with cerebral palsy
  • Users who are elderly

Why Should I Buy the Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000?

The Bio Bidet Supreme has been designed to make your life easier, with a plethora of settings that provide comfort and hygiene. Little things such as a heated seat and deodoriser make your experience more pleasant, while remote control settings that include a feminine wash, posterior wash, turbo wash, and pulsating massage.

Why Does the Bio Bidet Supreme Help Me Retain Independence?

The Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000 helps users regain independence as its automatic design will wash, clean and dry the user without the user making any movement at all. The supplied remote control means that you can create a catered experience that is directly suited to you and your specific needs. Our customers have only left glowing reviews of the Bio Bidet's capabilities, with one user reporting that the "Bio Bidet BB 1000 has given back the independence my wife used to have before her illness".

Will the Bio Bidet BB 1000 Fit My Toilet?

This Japanese toilet has been designed to fit most toilets that feature the standard round, oval or D-shape structure. The seat fixing holes in the pan should be through holes. Access is required to the underside of the pan to tighten the fixing nuts.

If the seat fixing holes are blind and you have no access to the underside of the pan, then you can purchase Top Fixings for the Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 from the Health and Care website. Please note that full user instructions are supplied with your purchase.

What Is the Sizing of the Bio Bidet BB 1000?

To ensure that the Bidet BB 1000 will fit your toilet directly, you will want to ensure that your toilet is no larger than the dimensions of your existing toilet pan. You can view a detailed view of the direct specifications by clicking the "Fit" tab at the top of the page above the title or by clicking on the PDF below. However the simplified specifications are as follows:

  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 475 x 493 x 185mm
Sizing Information
Bio Bidet Sizing Information

How High Is the Seat to Sit On?

The height of the seat is 4cm. If this is too high or too low for you, you can buy different sized seats from the Health and Care website by clicking on the links below:

What Special Features Does the Bio Bidet Supreme Offer?

The Supreme 1000 is an incredibly advanced bidet, and you'll struggle to find one that can match its features. Some of its unique settings include:

  • Deodoriser that is automatically activated
  • Heated seat that reaches 40°C
  • Power saving design has two power options
  • Hydraulic seat means automatic raising and lowering
  • Seat sensor allows for automatic cleaning operation
  • Includes the option of a feminine wash, posterior wash and turbo wash
  • Includes the option of a pulsating massage
  • Three in one nozzle for special cleansing programme
  • Air drying features make your life easier

How Is the Bio Bidet Supreme Powered?

The Bio Bidet Supreme is supplied with a waterproof 1.8 metre long power cable, that fits into the left side (if you're sitting on the bidet) of the bidet. This power cable simply fits into the side of your bidet and it will be instantly ready to use. The power cable can be plugged into a standard power socket.

Why Can Anyone Use the Bio Bidet Supreme?

A plus of the Bio Bidet Supreme is that it is suitable for not just those who have less mobility, but those who simply want a more pleasant bathroom experience. The catered settings that the bidet offers will provide an experience unlike anything you have experienced before.

Can I Install the Device Myself?

​Unfortunately, you cannot install the system yourself. The Bio Bidet BB 1000 can be installed by an electrician and a plumber. ​As this device will be used in the bathroom, the connection to the power supply must be made via a switch fused spur and RCD. The device must then be tapped into the toilet cistern.

The seat fixing holes in the pan should be through holes as access is required to the underside of the pan to tighten the fixing nuts. If you do struggle during installation, you can call an electrician as well as a plumber to complete the process, or see the user manual below.

Can I Access the User Manual?

Installing your Bio Bidet BB 1000 is easy, and can be carried out at home by a plumber or an electrician. The seat fixing holes in the pan should be through holes as access is required to the underside of the pan to tighten the fixing nuts. If you do struggle during installation, you can call an electrician to complete the process or view the user manual below:

User Manual
Bio Bidet User Manual

When you purchase your bidet you will receive a round lid, however there is an option for a elongated seat and lid instead. The elongated version is slightly longer at 535mm instead of 493mm, but with the same width and height (while it is better suited for larger and bariatric users), whereas the round version is better for smaller users. If you would like a different sized seat and lid, you can access it below:

What Is the Weight Limit of the Bio Bidet Supreme?

The Bio Bidet is suitable for use by bariatric patients. The bidet is designed to withstand weight at around 21 stone (133kg).

What Does the Bio Bidet Supreme Look Like?

The Bio Bidet Supreme is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and comes with a sleek, white finish. This helps to retain the user's dignity, helping to boost their self esteem knowing that an everyday task has been made simple. The sleek design is suitable for use by visitors too, meaning that you don't need to put the bidet away should people come around to your house.

How Durable Is the Bio Bidet 1000?

Your Bio Bidet BB 1000 is designed to be durable with a special self diagnosis system that warns the user of any malfunctions, meaning that you can catch any problems before they can develop and get worse. Furthermore, a self cleaning device means that the nozzle is cleaned before and after use, helping to prevent dirt and debris from infiltrating the system. Lastly, its built in filter prevents lime-scale build up, helping to preserve the quality and longevity of your purchase.

How Do I Care for My Bio Bidet 1000?

Caring for your Bio Bidet is simple because it features self-cleaning options that mean you don't have to worry about dirt building up. However, it is recommended that you check the cleanliness from time to time, and should you need to clean the Bio Bidet BB 1000 nozzle, you can do so by following the video below.

Are Any Spare Parts Available?

Should any parts on your Bio Bidet 1000 begin to suffer from wear and tear or become damaged in an accident, you can purchase spare parts from Health and Care. To do this, you can follow on the links below:

Does the Bio Bidet 1000 Come with a Warranty?

The Bio Bidet includes a one-year parts and labour warranty.

What Are the Specifications of the Bio Bidet BB 1000?

The Bio Bidet Supreme comes with a full table of specifications. They can be viewed below:

Bio Bidet Sizing Chart