Biohazard Sharps Clean Up Kit (One Application)

Biohazard Sharps Clean Up Kit (One Application)


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Biohazard Sharps Clean-Up Kit (One Application)
Protecting medical professionals from contamination when dealing with sharps waste is extremely important. The Biohazard Sharps Clean-Up Kit (One Application) is a useful pack to properly equip you with the appropriate tools needed.

Sharps Waste Best Practice
From the moment sharps waste is produced, extreme care must be taken in disposing of it immediately. Health care workers must minimise their interaction with the sharps waste as much as possible by protecting themselves with gloves, and disposing of the materials in a sealable container.

What Is Included in the Sharps Clean-Up Kit?
This single application incident pack contains:

1 x Biohazard bag
1 x Disinfectant spray (8ml)
1 x Disinfectant wipe
1 x Pair of forceps
1 x Pair of gloves
1 x Sharps container (200ml)
Reducing Risk
This kit ensures that those handling sharps are protected at all costs so that they are not at risk of exposing themselves to transmission of blood-borne diseases. This pack can be used as a one-time emergency resource, or as a spare refill for the full sized Biohazard Sharps Clean-Up Kit.