BOSU Balance Trainer Elite

BOSU Balance Trainer Elite


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BOSU Balance Trainer Elite

Designed with athletes in mind, the BOSU Balance Trainer Elite is an advanced balance and core strength training device. With the ability to be integrated into various types of fitness training, the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer is a unique training tool that can also stand alone as a complete workout trainer.

Elite Design

The BOSU Balance Elite incorporates a much firmer dome to spring-load the body for more efficient force transfer, priming the body for greater strength and power, intensifying core exercises. With a new power zone for precise alignment of the feet, pelvis and spine, the BOSU Elite is designed to produce the highest levels of force and resistance.

Elite Benefits

The perfect training stimulus for enhancing basic ground-based athletic movements, the BOSU Elite provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances centre of gravity over base of support
  • Creates a stronger athletic position
  • Improve hip and pelvis positioning
  • Strengthens and primes the body for heavier lifts
  • Reduces injury and improves flexibility
  • Unifies movements and body mechanics

Key Features

  • Unique balance, core and proprioception training tool
  • Much firmer dome to spring-load movements and intensify core exercises
  • Rugged, high density dome for durability
  • Can be integrated with all types of fitness training
  • Can be used either dome or platform side up
  • Supplied with owner's manual and pump


The BOSU Balance Trainer support is supplied with a one year warranty as standard.


  • Dimensions (Inflated): 673 x 635 x 254mm