Box of Twelve Sissel Fun and Active Exercise Bands

Box of Twelve Sissel Fun and Active Exercise Bands


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Box of Twelve Sissel Fun and Active Exercise Bands

The Sissel Fun and Active Exercise Band can help you to rebuild strength, whether you are recovering from an injury or just wanting to improve your overall fitness. Providing smooth resistance, the band can be used to stretch and condition your body.

You can select from one of three different resistance levels, depending on your needs. However, what if you wish to alternate the level of resistance? You may, for example, wish to start off with the softer band and work your way up as your strength builds. 

The Box of Twelve Sissel Fun and Active Exercise Bands includes four of each band, allowing you to change between resistance levels as you wish. Furthermore, with twelve individual bands, this box is ideal for use in an exercise or rehabilitation class.

Features of the Sissel Exercise Bands

  • Extra tough and tear resistant - strong and long lasting
  • Odourless and washable - hygienic, easy to maintain
  • Latex free - suitable for those with latex allergy
  • Each band comes with practical storage tube and exercise chart
  • Four of each resistance level/colour in box - ideal for use with an exercise class, or if wanting to alternate resistance levels

Display carton contains:

  • 4 x light resistance orange bands
  • 4 x medium resistance yellow bands
  • 4 x strong resistance green bands

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions WxL: 15cm x 2m