Bristol Maid Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Double Bowl Stand

Bristol Maid Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Double Bowl Stand


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Bristol Maid Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Double Bowl Stand

With patient health in mind, it is important that clinics and surgeries remain hygienic environments. The Bristol Maid Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Double Bowl Stand is a durable structure that can be easily cleaned to improve the cleanliness of medical environments.

Bowl Compatibility

With its double holding rings, the Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Bowl Stand is designed to support two bowls (sold separately). It is suitable for bowls with a 360mm diameter, and is usable with both stainless steel and polythene bowls.

Practical Design

The Stainless Steel Bowl Stand is fitted with a handwheel, which can be used to adjust the height of the stand. With an adjustment range of between 753 - 1100mm, it provides more comfortable and convenient access to the bowls. This will help to reduce the risk of strains and discomfort that could arise from frequent use at an inconvenient height.

The twin-wheel castors provide a practical mode of relocation. It is also fitted with one anti-static castor, with anti-static buffers to support the bowls. This provides added safety to the structure by helping to reduce electric charge. This will be particularly useful if the bowls contain any flammable liquids or products that could be affected by static.

Designed to Last

In addition to the sturdy stainless steel structure, the stand also features a water-resistant finish. This ensures that the stand is protected against any spillages, providing a longer-lasting design. It also provides impact protection to the fabric of the building.

Easy to Clean

The Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Single Bowl Stand is designed for easier cleaning. It features defined edges and contours that allow for more efficient access to all key surface areas. This enables a more thorough and hygienic cleaning process.

Technical Specifications of the Easy-Clean Single Bowl Stand

  • Suitable for two 360mm stainless steel or polythene bowls (sold separately)
  • Height adjustment: 753 - 1100mm
  • Stand weight: 9.8kg
  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 746 x 650 x 753 - 1100mm