Bristol Maid Two-Hook Knockdown Infusion Stand

Bristol Maid Two-Hook Knockdown Infusion Stand


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Bristol Maid Two-Hook Knockdown Infusion Stand

Providing durability and convenience, the Bristol Maid Two-Hook Knockdown Infusion Stand is supplied for simple self assembly. Fitted with castors and offering an adjustable height, the Knockdown Infusion Stand is a practical option for holding and transporting infusion bags.

Assembling the Knockdown Infusion Stand
Offering a unique design, the Knockdown Infusion Stand enables simple self assembly. The kit is provided ready for self assembly, and is easily built with the use of an allen key, which is used to secure the legs and upright stand into position.

Packed for self assembly also means that the Infusion Stand can be erected when it is required, and will be easier to store until it is ready to be assembled.

Adjustability and Versatility

Offering an adjustable pole, the height of the Knockdown Infusion Stand can be altered from between 1270 - 2000mm. This is adjusted through the convenient use of a handwheel, enabling a more suitable height depending on the requirements of both the patients and the infusion bags.

The Knockdown Infusion Stand comes with two pigtail-style hooks, onto which infusion bags can be securely attached. The maximum load is 4kg per stand, and the use of an infusion pump is not recommended with this model.

Transporting the Infusion Stand
The inclusion of five 50mm castors increases the mobility of the Infusion Stand once assembled. This is practical for transporting the stand from one room to another, and will also prevent patients from forced staticity when using an infusion bag.

With an anti-static castor preventing the build-up of charge, and one fitted braking castor to stabilise the stand, it offers both safety and security.

Quality and Standards
Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel with a plastic centre boss, the Knockdown Infusion Stand provides a sturdy and durable design. It meets appendix A (Stability Requirements) of the British Standard BS 3619:1976 Mobile Infusion Stand, which ensures that the Infusion Stand is a safe and stable option.

The Knockdown Infusion Stand has also been CE marked, helping to provide peace of mind that it meets legislative requirements.

Technical Specifications of the Knockdown Infusion Stand
Stand and legs: 304-grade stainless steel
Centre boss: plastic
Weighted base colour: Grey
Weight: 3.8kg
Five 50mm castors (one anti-static, one braking)
Height-adjustable pole: 1270 - 2000mm
Packed size (WxDxH): 1230 x 290 x 100mm
Assembled size (WxDxH): 650 x 650 x 1270 - 2000mm