Brown Fish Hardwood Cane

Brown Fish Hardwood Cane


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Brown Fish Hardwood Cane

Brown Fish Hardwood Cane
The Brown Fish Hardwood Cane is an incredibly eye-catching walking stick that comes with a charming fish in place of the handle. Beautifully designed, elegant and durable, this cane is a collectors' favourite and frequently purchased as a birthday or Christmas present.

Charming Fish Handle
This charming collector's walking stick features a carefully detailed brown fish, mounted on a durable hardwood shaft. The handle is made from a tough acetate, perfectly smooth and very comfortable to grip.

Durable Hardwood Shaft
The cleverly designed handle is mounted on a brown, hardwood* shaft, fitted with a metal ferrule and a smart metal collar. Hardwoods are known to be tough and highly resilient, perfect for making reliable walking sticks.

Metal Collar and Ferrule
To complete the charming appearance of this novelty cane, the shaft is fitted with a smart metal collar and a metal ferrule. The smart collar perfectly matches the formal appearance of the cane, while the dark-coloured ferrule is incredibly discreet and practically unnoticeable on the dark brown shaft.

Novelty Canes
Inspired by the collector’s canes of the Victorian and Edwardian eras (19th and early 20th centuries), many novelty walking sticks are bought as presents and by collectors of walking sticks (ambulists). Handle designs include depictions of animals, birds and famous people among many other inspirations. Not generally suitable for orthopaedic use, these are canes to be enjoyed as elegant and amusing fashion statements.

Specifications of the Brown Fish Hardwood Cane
Colour: Brown
Overall height: 92cm (36")
Handle type: Novelty
Handle material: Acetate
Product weight: 345g
Shaft material: Hardwood*
Shaft type: Fixed
Ferrule material: Metal
Ferrule diameter: 19mm
*The type of hardwood used depends on current availability of wood.

Please note that this cane is suitable for use as an accessory on formal occasions, but should not be used for everyday support.