Accutrend GC Kit

Accutrend GC Kit


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Accutrend GC Kit

The Accutrend GC system is most suitable for accurate on-site screening, diagnosis, and therapy monitoring of metabolic disorders.

Test strips: Accutrend Glucose, Accutrend Cholesterol.

  • Ease of use

The Accutrend GC system determines the two lead parameters of metabolic disorders Ð glucose and cholesterol - on one whole blood system. The Accutrend GCT system adds the determination of triglycerides being as easy as measuring glucose and cholesterol. The two systems greatly facilitate health checks and support therapeutic recommendations in Primary Care

  • Fast results

Both systems allow fast on-the-spot determination of blood glucose (12 seconds), cholesterol (3 minutes), and triglycerides (< 3 minutes; Accutrend GCT system only) directly from capillary blood. Blood does not need to be wiped off after application.

  • High relevance

Daytime capillary measurement of triglycerides allows realistic assessment of cardiovascular risk even in normolipidemic subjects.

  • Memory function for reliable monitoring

With the Accutrend GC system up to 50 glucose values and up to 15 cholesterol values can be stored with date and time of measurements. The Accutrend GCT system offers extended memory of 50 glucose, 20 cholesterol and 50 triglyceride values.

All test strips supplied WILL have at least 5 months before expiry.