CareBag Vomit Bag (Pack of 20)

CareBag Vomit Bag (Pack of 20)


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CareBag Vomit Bag (Pack of 20)

  • Pack of 20 vomit bags for children and adults
  • Ideal for replacing traditional vomit basins
  • Handy dispenser box for easy access and transportation
  • Absorbs vomit and confines unpleasant odours

CareBag Vomit Bag (Pack of 20)

The CareBag Vomit Bag (Pack of 20) combines twenty individual bags designed for concealing and absorbing vomit. They are suitable for use by both children and adults, and are ideal both for use in medical environments and when suffering from travel sickness.

Absorption and Odour Reduction

To ensure that vomit can be absorbed quickly and effectively, each bag contains an absorbent pad that soaks up the fluid. This is a practical improvement on traditional sick bags that comprise only one main non-absorbing material.

In addition to absorbing fluid, the bag also works to confine odours. This will be essential for when utilised in enclosed or small spaces where unpleasant smells can otherwise quickly become contained.

Replacing Hospital Vomit Basins

Traditionally, vomit basins provided a solution to sickness in hospital patients. However, they are typically non-absorbent, and do nothing to reduce odours.

When vomiting occurs, and especially when in a ward surrounded by other patients, it is essential that fluids are removed from the area as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The bag will absorb the vomit for easier transportation and disposal, while also reducing the odours to reduce the risk of the odour spreading around the ward.

Convenient for Travel Sickness

Many people suffer from travel sickness when on the road, and often a basic carrier bag or similar is relied on when sickness occurs in a car or on a boat. By absorbing the vomit and confining aromas, it will make the experience as pleasant as possible. This will be vital for when sickness occurs in small spaces such as in a car or on a coach.

The bags are stored in a handy dispenser box for quick access and easy transportation. Whether as a precaution ahead of travelling or as a plan to tackle existing sicknesses, these vomit bags are ideal for taking with you when travelling to ensure that assistance can always be at hand when travel sickness arises.

Technical Specifications

  • Absorption capacity: 450ml (16fl oz)
  • Quantity: 20 bags
  • Bag dimensions: 250 x 250mm (10 x 10")