Caresite Valve - Pack of 100

Caresite Valve - Pack of 100


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Caresite Valve - Pack of 100

CARESITE is a closed needlefree vascular access system designed to reduce the risk of infection and mechanical phlebitis by allowing manipulation away from the injection site to gain IV access.
The innovative positive displacement technology of the CARESITE needlefree connector helps further to reduce the risk of catheter occlusions by delivering a small bolus of flushing solution upon disconnection ensuring that the catheter tip remains free from blood that could clot.

CLEAN: Studies show that the smooth, flat surface of CARESITE offers a superior microbial barrier¹. The flat surface enables thorough and easy disinfection whilst the tight seal between the septum and the clear housing reduces the risk of biofilm development through inhibiting microbial ingress.

CLEAR: The outside housing of a needlefree connector can be defined as opaque, clear or partially visible. Depending on the design this determines how much, if any of the internal fluid path can be seen. A needlefree connector with a clear outer housing allows the clinician to visually assess and confirm that a proper flush has been performed which is vitally important to ensure that it is clear of blood or other infusates.
CONNECTION: The easy grip barrel minimises the risk of slippage, helping prevent Key-Part touch contamination.

Latex free

DEHP free

Ref 1: Anna Casey et al., 2015, An In Vitro Comparison of Microbial Ingress Into 8 Different Needleless IV Access Devices, The Art and Science of Inusion Nursing, Volume 38, Issue 1