Catheter Bi-Pacing Ball

Catheter Bi-Pacing Ball


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Catheter Bi-Pacing Ball

5g x 110cm catheter ballon for stimulation

5g x 110cm catheter ballon for stimulation, x-ray opaque and flow assisted

Product Summary

The Bi-Pacing Ball is a stimulating catheter made of X-ray-contrasting, biocompatible polyurethane. It is suitable for positional monitoring by means of x-ray image sensors. A braided stainless-steel electrode wire inside the core of the catheter ensures good guidance of the catheter.
The stimulating electrodes are embedded in the fl exible shaft of the catheter in the distal area. This reduces the risk of injury to the vascular intima, the cardiac valves and the endocardium.

Technical Info

UOI Units:ÊBox


Contains Latex:ÊNo

Contains DEHP:ÊNo

Pyrogen Free:ÊNo

Sterile Medical Device:ÊYes