Centrefeed Commodity Dispenser

Centrefeed Commodity Dispenser


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Centrefeed Commodity Dispenser

Our Northwood range of dispensers have been specially designed to be simple to operate, easy to refill and with a sleek modern exterior. The windows not only complement the design, but they can be used to check fill levels without the need to open the dispenser every time. Each dispenser also has a simple locking mechanism to keep its contents safe.


Centrefeed Dispenser for the following codes:

  • C1B309F
  • C1W129F
  • C1W307F
  • C2B157F
  • C2W157F
  • C2W607F

Technical Data

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 346mm x 225mm x 234mm
  • Max Capacity: 230mm high and 220mm diameter