Cestra Skintact Low Adherent Dressings (Pack of 100)

Cestra Skintact Low Adherent Dressings (Pack of 100)


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Cestra Skintact Low Adherent Dressings (Pack of 100)

The Cestra Skintact Low Adherent Dressings (Pack of 100) is a high quality, perforated film dressing that is best used as a low adherent wound contact layer. The dressing is supplied in a sterile packaging and features the same on both sides to ensure it can't be applied with the wrong side facing down.

Two perforated layers on the Low Adherent Dressing aid drainage, while an inner absorbent layer combats the adverse effects of applying pressure to the wound beneath.

Money-Saving Offer
Some of our stock of the Cestra Skintact is nearing its expiry date and, in light of this fact, we are offering the affected stock for the discounted price of £8.40! Act quickly, as this offer is only available while stocks last.

Key Features of the Skintact Low Adherent Dressing
Supplied in sterile packaging ideal for medical environments
Adhesive on both sides
Perforated film to aid drainage
Soft layer to absorb pressure
Ease of Use
A high quality design ensures that the Low Adherent Dressing is both easy to position and extremely effective once applied. Strong adhesive on both sides eliminates the risk of placing the dressing wrong side down, while its soft, flexible build makes it easy to apply to areas that are awkward and hard to reach.

Perhaps even more important is the dressing's perforated film. This allows drainage of exudate to the absorbent layer where fluid is wicked laterally, extending the time before strike through occurs.

Ideal Uses for the Cestra Skintact Dressing
Management of minor wounds
Protection of cuts and grazes
In chiropody including between toes
Available Sizes
Please note that the Cestra Skintact Dressings are available in three different sizes to suit different needs:

5 x 5cm
10 x 10cm
10 x 20cm