Classic Netted Lifting Sling Extra Small
Classic Netted Lifting Sling Extra Small
Classic Netted Lifting Sling Extra Small
Classic Netted Lifting Sling Extra Small

Classic Netted Lifting Sling Extra Small


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Classic Netted Lifting Sling Extra Small

The Classic Netted Lifting Sling enables a safe and comfortable seated position and gives the user a sense of security as they are being lifted. The Classic Sling is designed for use in most usual lifting situations, such as sitting transfers between bed and wheelchair. The sling is still suitable to use for patients with leg amputations and other lower body disabilities.

Full Back Support

The Classic Sling is a functional lifting accessory that provides support all the way from the hollow of the knees up to the shoulders. The design makes the patient feel comfortable and secure as they are being transferred.

Features of the Classic Netted Lifting Sling

  • Five sizes to accommodate different users
  • Undivided leg supports
  • Designed to be kept under user after completed transfer
  • Made from breathable, polyester net fabric
  • Easy for the caregiver to apply and remove
  • High back; the user is supported from hollows of the knees up to the shoulders
  • Keeps the patient in an upright seated posture
  • Particularly suitable for users with painful joints

Airy, Netted Material

The Classic Netted Lifting Sling allows for a comfortable and secure seated transfers from bed to wheelchair, or vice versa. It is made from an airy, polyester net material that is designed to be left under the user after transfer, meaning that the patient remains siting on the sling until they are lifted again.

Sizing of the Classic Netted Sling

Patient-specific slings should be comfortable and ensure their personal safety and hygiene. The Classic Sling is available in five sizes in order for you to choose the perfect fit, and all sizes are adaptable to be used in both 2- and 4-point suspension.

It is essential to ensure that the width of the Sling Bar is appropriate for the sling size and the patient’s status and capacity. Please refer to the table below for more information about the measurements of each sling:

Size Seat measurement Overall height  Recommended user weight
Extra Small 30cm 80cm 20 - 40kg
Small 38cm 90cm 30 - 60kg
Medium 46cm 95cm 55 - 85kg
Large 63cm 98cm 80 - 120kg
Extra Large 80cm 100cm 110 - 140kg

Please note that though the sling can handle loads of up to 300kg, the recommended weight guidelines should still be followed.