Waterless Nilaqua Patient Foaming Cleanser - 200ml

Waterless Nilaqua Patient Foaming Cleanser - 200ml


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Waterless Nilaqua Patient Foaming Cleanser - 200ml

Ready to use, no water required – great for washing in low water situations and locations! Such as holidays, visiting hospital or if you are bed bound and find it difficult to bath!

No Rinse Body Wash is ready to use straight out of the bottle, Washing, Moisturising, Cleaning and Deodorising your skin from head to toe.

We have two lines within the  waterless body wash range. Firstly our elegantly fragranced towel off body wash, is for everyday use, with no alcohol or parabens, it is very kind to skin!

Secondly we have and fragrance free body wash with antibacterial properties, for when you need that little bit extra for infection control, especially when experiencing low immunity.  Still no water or rinsing required and kind to skin!

So if you are looking for the best alternative to traditional bathing, choose Nilaqua towel off personal care. Simply apply the liquid directly to the area, massage to lift dirt and grease then remove by thoroughly towel drying! Leaving skin clean and odour free!