EcoGold Speculum Small (Sterile) - Yellow

EcoGold Speculum Small (Sterile) - Yellow


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EcoGold Speculum Small (Sterile) - Yellow

Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum

The EcoGold® sterile, single-use vaginal speculum retains the quality and design of a UK-Manufactured product at an import-replacement price.
Available in 4 sizes, with a unique smooth locking system, the EcoGold® speculum can be used for gynaecological procedures, including cervical screening, IUD fittings and vaginal examinations.Users often comment on the 'superior access opening' for improved instrument access.  'We love them, they work perfectly… and they don’t break!’

  • Individually packed in colour-coded pouches for convenience
  • 100% recyclable pouches 
  • Efficient packaging and sterilisation methods 

Technical Data

  • Made in the UK
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • 100% latex free
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Unbreakable in normal use - when locked open, the Ultraspec® can be forced closed without breaking. Developed with extensive input from healthcare professionals to make gynae procedures safer. Ultraspec® is a market-leading vaginal speculum developed in the UK with extensive input from clinical professionals. The unique single-use device aims to make vaginal examinations even easier. Highly acclaimed by leading practice nurses, the Ultraspec® speculum combines a unique combination of features.