Comfyfoam Raised Toilet Seat

Comfyfoam Raised Toilet Seat


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Comfyfoam Raised Toilet Seat


Comfyfoam Raised Toilet Seat
The Comfyfoam Raised Toilet Seat is designed to add both height and comfort to an existing toilet bowl. It is easy to affix for simple yet effective use, and is made from a soft foam for added comfort.

Indications of the Toilet Seat
Due to its ease of attachment and comfortable design, the raised toilet seat is ideal for anybody looking to improve the comfort of their existing toilet. This could be due to existing conditions or ailments where sitting for any length of time can be uncomfortable and even painful, or it could be simply to provide a little more comfort in the bathroom.

The extra height of 110mm also means that the toilet seat will be easier to lower onto and rise from, as the body does not need to move as close to the ground. For anybody with reduced mobility or discomfort when bent too low, this toilet seat will be ideal.

Easy to Affix
Not only does the toilet seat combine added height and soft comfort, but it is also easy to fit. It does not require any screw fixings, and simply pushes to fit securely over most standard toilet bowls.

This means that it can be attached to the toilet in no time, ensuring that comfort can be enjoyed when it is needed most.

Optional Lid
The Comfyfoam Raised Toilet Seat is available to purchase with or without a lid. While the addition of a lid can conceal odours and help with the aesthetic of the homely bathroom, a lid-free seat may be preferred by anybody who would struggle to lift the lid in time.

The desired option can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Technical Specifications
Weight without lid: 1.9kg
Weight with lid: 2.2kg
Maximum user weight: 185kg (29 stone)
Overall dimensions (H x W x L): 110 x 380 x 410mm (4.5 x 15 x 16 inches)