Commode and Toilet Cushion

Commode and Toilet Cushion


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Commode and Toilet Cushion

The Commode and Toilet Cushion can be used on most commodes or toilet seats.

The Commode and Toilet Cushion provides comfort and relief from hard toilet or commode surfaces.

The Commode and Toilet Cushion features a comfy hollow fibre filling, ring shaped with central cut out, the cushion has a wipe clean vapour permeable polyeurethane outer.

Can I Wash the Commode Cushion?

While the Commode Cushion isn't waterproof, the vapour permeable cover can prevent a small amount of water from seeping through. As a result, we would recommend that you wash the cover with a damp cloth or wipe.

Dimensions of the Commode Cushion

The dimensions of the Commode Cushion are:

  • Diameter: 16" (40cm)
  • Hole Diameter: 8" (20cm)