CoolXChange Cooling Gel Bandage

CoolXChange Cooling Gel Bandage


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CoolXChange Cooling Gel Bandage

After intense physical activity or injury, cold therapy and compression are often the best methods to encourage and improve recovery. The CoolXChange Cooling Gel Bandage provides both of these effective therapies in a single product, making it a complete post-injury therapeutic resource. With no freezing required, this wrap can provide excellent cold and compression therapy for up to two hours at a time.

The CoolXChange Cooling Gel Bandage is available for purchase in two sizes, Regular (7.5 120cm) and Large (7.5 x 300cm). Choose the best size for you from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Cold and Compression Therapy

When recovering from sprains, strains and inflammation, cold and compression therapies are two of the most effective immediate treatments. Alone, they will each provide relief from pain and an improved recovery time. Together, these therapies can combine to provide a truly formidable rehabilitation approach, allowing the injury to begin the healing process faster and more effectively than would have otherwise been possible.

Ready to Use, Anywhere

Cold and compression therapies are most effective when applied immediately following injury, which is why this wrap is so convenient, requiring no freezing before treatment. This allows it provide up to two hours of treatment, immediately when you need it. Self-adhesive, reusable and mess-free this Gel Bandage is a perfect solution for treatment of injuries on the go.