CPAP Boussignac Manometer

CPAP Boussignac Manometer


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CPAP Boussignac Manometer

CPAP peep manometer pressure gauge

Manometer to measure the pressure generated by the CPAP Boussignac in the patients airways.

Product Summary

The connecting tube is supplied in the packaging containing the VYGON-BOUSSIGNAC CPAP code 5570.13.
The manometer must be connected to the colourless translucent port on the CPAP device. It indicates each centimetre of H2O from 0 to 25cm.
The manometer is encased in a protective polyurethane housing and is supplied with a manometer attachment cord (code

Technical Information

UOI Units: Each

UOI: 1

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: No

Sterile Medical Device: No