Cura II Community Bed Side Rail Bumpers

Cura II Community Bed Side Rail Bumpers


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Cura II Community Bed Side Rail Bumpers

The Cura II and Cura II Supreme Community Beds are fantastic bed solutions for patients, providing both back and knee profiling for improved comfort and better positioning. The optional side rails help to provide additional safety, but some patients may be at risk of injury from impact with or entrapment within the rails. The Cura II Community Bed Side Rail Bumpers are a set of soft foam bumpers that fit both the Cura II Community Bed Full Length Side Rails and the Cura II Community Bed Four Bar Side Rails.

They help to improve patient safety and comfort, providing a comfortable cover for the rails. These bumpers are ideal for patients who tend to lean against bed rails while sleeping.

Key Features and Benefits
Soft CMHR foam increases patient safety and comfort
Wipe clean polyester surface makes maintaining hygiene easy
Help to reduce the risk of patient entrapment within the rails
Cushion any impact between the patient's body and rails
Fit both four bar and full length rails for versatile use in your facility
Designed for easy application with no tools required
Supplied in pairs for total safety and comfort
How Many Bumpers are Supplied?
Your order will include two Bed Rail Bumpers, one for each side of the bed. This provides full bed security, preventing falls from the patient at either side of the bed.

Extra Patient Safety and Comfort
Thanks to the soft CMHR foam, the bumpers provide additional safety to patients who require side rails, for example those using a mattress and overlay combination. The soft foam helps reduce the risk of accidents or injuries as a result of the side rails, and also provide a comfortable surface to lean against while sleeping.

Easy Application and Maintenance
To help you set up the bed to best match the patient's needs as quickly as possible, the bumpers have been developed to be easy to fit to the rails. To help ensure that total protection is provided, the bumpers are supplied in pairs. A wipe-clean polyester cover makes it easy to maintain hygiene and perform effective infection control.

Technical Specifications
Overall length: 1450mm
Overall depth (fitted): 495mm
Please note: This listing is for the bumpers only, and does not include a Cura II bed or side rails. It is recommended that the bumpers are removed before lowering side rails.