Days Adjustable Folding Walking Frame

Days Adjustable Folding Walking Frame


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Days Adjustable Folding Walking Frame


Days Adjustable Folding Walking Frame
The Days Adjustable Folding Walking Frame is lightweight in design and features an adjustable height that is suitable for most users. It is easy to clean and care for, and includes slip-resistant rubber feet for optimal safety.

Key Features
Made from lightweight anodised aluminium for easier manoeuvrability
Easy to clean for ongoing hygiene maintenance
Height can be adjusted from 78cm to 90cm to suit most users
Easy to fold away for storage or transportation
Non-marking, slip-resistant rubber feet offer improved safety
Ideal for use by individuals and in care environments
Adjustable Height
The Days Folding Walking Frame can be adjusted in height, with a range of between 78cm and 90cm. For the individual user, this means that it can be set to a specific height that is most comfortable for their needs, thus ensuring that it is as suited to the individual as possible.

If the walking frame is utilised in such environments as care homes or hospitals, it can cater to the varying needs of a wide range of patients by allowing the height to be adjusted accordingly. This means that a suitable height can be achieved quickly should a patient in need of mobility support be admitted at short notice.

Lightweight and Easy to Clean
Anybody with reduced mobility may benefit from the lightweight nature of the anodised aluminium walking frame. It is not too heavy to lift and place back down when assisting with movement, yet remains robust for reliable and stable support while walking.

The aluminium frame is also easy to clean, and can be wiped down when required to remove any dirt or smudges. This will be useful both when used by an individual and for when thorough cleaning is required in between patient use.

Improved Safety with Rubber Feet
As the Days Adjustable Folding Walking Frame will be used to provide stability for users whose own mobility is reduced and require reliable support, it is paramount that the walking frame remains steady on its own feet. With the non-slip rubber tips at the end of each of the four legs, it significantly reduces the risk of slipping.

The feet are also non-marking, which is useful for when used in environments where flooring may be easily marked, such as hard flooring found in dining areas, bathrooms, or hallways of care environments.

Convenient Storage
The Adjustable Walking Frame can be folded away with ease when it is not in use. This will be particularly useful for when travelling, allowing it to be added to luggage or inserted into the boot of a car without taking up too much room. It also means that it can be easily stored away, ideal for anybody who may require it on occasion.

For care homes where multiple walking frames may be held, it will enable a more spacious method of storage by allowing it to be folded neatly away into a store cupboard without taking up much room. This ensures that it can be at hand for when it is required by patients at a moment's notice.

Technical Specifications
Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 55 x 45 x 78 - 90cm